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KingData ·2021-12-28

On December 17th, Fri 9 AM UTC (5PM SGT), we had an AMA session with Blade Warrior, in our Telegram chat at Our guest was Harvey, the Marketing Manager of Blade Warrior.

Here are the essential points of the AMA session:


Host[Zuk Kazafa]: Today we've invited our friends from BladeWarrior, our guest Harvey, Marketing Manager

Welcome to KingData!

Hi Harvey, great to have you here.

Could you kindly give the community a little introduction?

Guest [Harvey]: 


I'm Harvey, the MKT manager of Blade Warrior

I'm glad to be here at KingData today to talk to you about Blade!

Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions about Blade Warrior!

Main Part

Q1: As far as I know, Blade Warrior aims to be the NO.1 brand of blockchain games, could you tell us what are the advantages to support this aim?
A1:Our team comes from well-known international blockchain organizations and well-known 3A game listed companies, like Blizzard, we have successful project experience of more than 100 million users

Our vision is to advance the development of blockchain games by 10 years, and the goal is to be the No. 1 brand of blockchain games

It's hard to see a well-made, playable, Play2Earn game in the market, so we decided to make such a game

Our official version of the game just launched two weeks ago, and it's early phase in the game, so if you're interested, you can try to experience and play it

Our official website:

Entrance of game:

White paper:


Blade Warrior is an epic massively Play to Earn NFT blockchain game.

Q2: There are many gamefi projects flowing around. What makes BladeWarrior so special and could stand out from the crowd?

A2: First of all, DeFi broke out from October last year to March this year, NFT starting from March to now, and it has not yet reached the outbreak period.

Despite competition, it is still a blue ocean.

Secondly, OKEX is one of the top three exchanges. OEC is a new ecology. This ecology has just started. GameFi on this is even more scarce.

We have already occupied the first-mover advantage and established the first brand of user mind.

We think, in Phase 1.0, most P2E games only had Earn, without Play, and lack of playability

In Phase 2.0, it is necessary to have Earn and Play.

BladeWarrior is a combination of Play and Earn, allowing players to enjoy the beautiful quality of the game and at the same time earn quickly.

Q3: As far as i know there are 5 heroes in Blade Warrior, talk more about these heroes .

A3: Yes

There are 5 heroes in the game now, including 3 heroes and 2 heroines

I would like to introduce some of them

Let me show you how heroes…

the 1st one is Blade Lord

And the next 2 are heroines that designed for our partners: OEC and CherrySwap

This heroine is designed for the OEC, with blue style, very beautiful

Another one is designed for CherrySwap, with pink style

These two are very popular

The design of the heroes and the special effects of combat skills are very beautiful, and users like it very much!

Here is the link of promotional video:

We have an event to give a name for this new heroine on twitter. Name her, and you may take her home!

Q4: It is understood that in the world of Blade Warrior, there are various ways for gamers to earn revenue, could you share your revenue method?

A4: Sure

First of all, you can buy heroes and weapons on our official website or OKEx NFT marketplace. A hero can be equipped with one or two weapons

Once you have heroes and weapons, you can enter the map for battle

Fighting against monsters of different levels will drop a different number of EGGs. The factors affecting the number of dropped EGGs include the level of the monster, the level of the hero’s weapon, and the combat power

In general, fighting against monsters with the same combat power will have the greatest benefit

Free map players can play 10 times a day, and there is also a paid map we called WonderLand

There are five monsters in WonderLand. Defeating them can get more EGG, which is about 2-5 times that of the free map

On top of that, we have ecomaps coming up, which will yield even more extra revenue

For the EGG generated by fighting monsters, we can buy pet boxes to open pets

Pet is an important NFT in Blade Warrior. Pets can be used for trading, mining, synthesizing more high-level pets or decomposing into Blade tokens. Pets can also support combat in the future

Pets of different colors have different mining speeds and values

There are six qualities of pet level: red, golden, purple, blue, green, and white

The red one is the highest level pet with a value of 10,000 Blade, the golden pet with a value of 2,000 Blade, the purple pet with a value of 550 Blade, the blue pet with a value of 120 Blade, and the green pet with a value of 40 Blade

Some players are very lucky. I saw the feedback in the community. Some players got golden pets as soon as the game was launched on the first day, and their payback cycle is very short. Some players can open purple and blue pets, which means that they can payback in 3 or 4 days

Over-the-counter NFT transactions are also very popular now. After the official launch, players traded their pet boxes and pet NFT by themselves. A pet box can sell for 50 USDT or more. If the buyers can open a blue or above pet, they will earn it

We are also considering developing an in-game NFT market currently, allowing players to trade freely in the game

After players have opened their pet boxes, they can mine. Because the game was launched two weeks ago, our APR is still very high, and most players are very happy to use pets for mining. This is what we encourage everyone to do

In general, the effect of earnings is great!


From your introduction I catch the info, Blade and EGG are the token of Blade Warrior

Can you tell us about the token economics in game? What are the differences between them and what are the functions of them?

A5: ​​Yes

We have well designed tokenomics in game

This is our economic model, you can see in detail

There will be some scenarios to produce Blade: PVP & PVE Battle, Daily Tasks, and Participating in Extreme Challenges. And there will be many scenarios to consume Blade: Buying NFTs, Upgrading & Synthesis, Pledging & Custody, and Rental

You can use Blade to buy NFT so that you can participate in the game. While battling, you will get EGGs as rewards. And EGGs can be bought in a Pet Box to get pets. Pets can be synthesize into a high-level pet, pet also can be decomposed into BLADE, or be exchanged on NFT marketplace, or be used for farming with good returns

There will be a variety of game-play methods in the game, such as EGGs, pets, gems, etc., but Blade is a hard currency, a rigid demand item in the game

Blade can only be produced in the game, such as defeating monsters and so on. It can also be used to buy land, and it can even be used to trade NFTs in the future

We also have a mining mechanism. We encourage players not to rush to sell the blade they have acquired, but to let the blade achieve more value in the game

In addition, we are also developing Blade staking and LP mining, which can also push up the price while ensuring the profit of the game

Q6: What are the current partners of BladeWarrior?

A6: Ecological partners are very important for a project. We have close ties with our partners in the market

The closest relationship is with OEC. From the launch of OEC, we built this game on it

And our NFT selling of heroes and weapons, as well as NFT auctions, are all on OKEx NFT marketplace

Otherwise, our partners includes, CherrySwap, JSwap, built connection with TokenPocket, Coin98, CoinHub, Mathwallet, ONTO and HyperPay, listed on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, FeiXiaoHao and MyToken

We are also listed by Coinbase last week, and we are the only one project which on the OEC that is listed by Coinbase currently

Q7: the game has been  launched

What are the plans for the future?

A7: As I mentioned just now, our game has been officially launched for two weeks, but this is only 20% of our entire project planning!

Players who have participated in the public beta of our game know that there are other features in our game, such as the flop game, by betting on Blade to win more Blades on the flop

Pet battle is also under development

NFT market is planned

Strengthening of heroes and weapons is planned

LP mining will be launched soon, and stake mining will also be tested after LP mining is launched

Also, we have already got investment from famous US institutions, and we plan to cross-chain this month, firstly to Iotex and then BSC

For more information, you can follow our social media

Join the Blade Warrior Discord Server!

Check out the Blade Warrior community on Discord - hang out with 13,971 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.



Telegram (Chinese): 

Telegram (English): 




Live Session
Q1:Dell magicman: Could you tell me a little bit about Your roadmap going forward? How do you plan onboarding users and gaining more adoption for Your project?

A1: You can find out the detail roadmap on our official website and our white paper


Blade Warrior is an epic massively Play to Earn NFT blockchain game.

Q2: Mr Hernandez: What are the ways for your project to generate revenue in the long run? What is the progress of business development and what are some of your commercial partnerships?

A2: We can sell NFT(hero,weapon and lands,etc),and develop maps for partners. meanwhile the team reserved 5% token for future development.(it's locked for a long term , no worry about that) 

But the more important thing for us is to build the Blade brand rather than profit.

Q3: Sherrie Keith: Does your project support staking programs? If yes, how does your stake system work? What is the requirement for users, if they want to stake in your platform?

A3: Yes! As I mentioned just now. Our game has a mining mechanism.  

We encourage players not to rush to sell the blade they have acquired, but to let the blade achieve more value in the game.  

And we are also developing staking mining and LP mining, which can also push up the price while ensuring the profit of the game

Q4: MR RANDOM: Where can I currently buy Token?

A4: Currently Blade is listed on LBank Exchange:

Purchase address through CherrySwap on PC:

Or you can buy Blade through CherrySwap on DAPP Store in wallet

Q5: Deleted Account: What is the most ambitious goal of your project? Could share with us any Upcoming Updates?

A5: Well, a nice question.  

We want to be the Disney on chain, is that ambitious enough? Of course We have a long way to go, first we need to bring Blade to success, then we want to be steam on chain. Finally, we want to be chain-Disney. 


BTW, we're all from famous international companies, we know how to build our strategy and ecosystem. From zero, Blade made a successful eco in OEC within a short term (1 month), which is the best proof. 

Remember, blade is not only a game, it's a brand, or an eco. 

We want GameFi projects to use our platform as much as possible!

Quick Quiz Part

Q1: Currently, how many heroines are there in the game?

A1: 2

Q2: What color is the highest level pet?

A2: Red

Q3: Which chain are we currently on?

A3: Oec

Q4: How many weapons can a hero be equipped with?

A4: One or two

Q5: How much is a top-level pet worth?

A5: 10K Blade

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