Community Webhook Binding Introduction

KingData ·2022-06-20

1. Log in to kingdata official website, log in to kingdata APP

2. Users without an account can click to register and log in. If you have an account, you can skip this step.

3. Click Personal Center and click Webhook.

4. Open Telegram, add BotFather as a friend, click here to add Botfather with one click.

5. Send "/newbot" in the dialog box of Botfather, and then enter the nickname of the robot you want to create, you can enter it at will.

6. Set the account of the custom robot (this account is unique, characters can be added to avoid failure due to repeated accounts), the end must be "_bot" and cannot contain Chinese and punctuation marks.

7. Copy the string Token, enter it into the web page, select the language, and bind it.

8. Add bots to your own community.

9. Add the bot as a group administrator.

10. Telegram custom information broadcast settings. Open the Kingdata App. Log in to the registered account. The homepage can be customized to focus on information that matches community targeting. VIP information is also free for a limited time! !

11. For more details, you can also watch our video introduction:

12.For details, you can consult us and enter the Kingdata official telegram group:

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