Kingdata Free Mint User Guide

KingData ·2022-07-01

Kingdata Free Mint official website:

Please look for the domain name, otherwise it will be a phishing website.

一.Live Mint Feed(Free mint information flow interface)

1.1Live Feeds

Real-time Free mint data, we crawl the latest free mint contract on the block at the first time, and the time range is updated every minute. We provide the Mint Fomo Level indicator. By calculating the mint quantity level on the chain within one minute, we provide the Fomo sentiment index. The NFT with high FOMO sentiment has a winning rate of up to 80%.

Click the blue button on the right, COPY MINT, and quickly mint your favorite NFT variety with one click. It will automatically jump to the FreeMint Tool interface.


The TOP MINT page counts a single NFT contract address in a single time period (30 minutes, 15 minutes, 10 minutes, and 5 minutes can be selected), the number of mint people and the number of mint NFTs. Give us more data guidance to help us hit the golden dog. In the same way, the blue MINT button on the right side of the single machine will automatically jump to the FreeMint Tool interface.

二.Freemint Toolinterface

At present, we provide 3 major functional areas, which are one-key MINT NFT, automatic MINT according to the block, and automatic MINT following the address. The following is a detailed introduction.

2.1One-clickMINT NFT

Steps to export the private key:

Tip: At present, the wallet link status is still being improved. It is recommended to use the private key mint.

2.2AutomaticallyMINTbased on blocks

The function here adds custom presets and keyword filtering, making Tutudog more handy!

2.3AutomaticMINTfollowing address

Here is the SMART MONEY logic, follow the smart MINT players in the market, and we follow their MINT actions as soon as possible to reduce the difficulty of active decision-making.

The following are the addresses of our treasured high-win players, which are for reference only. We also hope that our community partners will discover, find, and share together.







The following is a description ofminterror conditions:

  1. This free mint nft requires a whitelist, which may cause mint to fail.

  2. This free mint is a game item type and belongs to the ERC-1155 category, which may cause the mint to fail.

  3. Other errors can be reported in the group, and users with 3 or more feedbacks can get 1 month kingdata vip pro experience permission.

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