Uniearn.info: Bridging the last gap in the on-chain trading ecosystem with On-chain Copy Trading

KingData ·2022-10-25

The year 2022 has been a year of ups and downs in the crypto market, with rising inflation, shifts in US monetary policy, crypto regulation, and other factors, the crypto market is increasingly following the pace of the stock market, and the crypto market is closely intertwined with global economic factors. According to data, the prices of all mainstream currencies and NFTs have dropped significantly since May, and the number of token projects with no transaction records for one month has increased to 12,100, and a large number of "zombie cryptocurrencies" have appeared on the market, so the bear market has arrived.

In this environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult for both professional traders and ordinary investors to trade and identify projects. The market is changing rapidly and projects are emerging all the time, so only by continuously improving your comprehensive trading skills can you select quality projects and develop a trading strategy to get better returns.

Looking at the Web2 trading market: Spot, Derivatives, and Copy Trading. There are many unicorn companies inside each category. In the blockchain industry, these three categories currently occupy a large market in the centralized trading market. However, after DeFi Summer and AMM, the decentralized trading market is gradually booming. As more and more on-chain assets can no longer be traded on any centralized trading system. For example, NFT trading, DeFi Deposit, GameFi, etc. The missing one of these three major segments in the decentralized trading system has exposed the demand strongly for users in the current bear market that is gradually coming. Uniearn.info aims to fill the last gap in the on-chain trading ecology through Copy Trading/investing.

We believe that users are not unfamiliar with spot trading, derivatives trading, and Copy Trading. We are familiar with the first two, and the unicorn in the centralized space for Copy Trading: eToro, formerly known as RetailFX. eToro was founded in 2007 by Yoni Assia, Ronen Assia, and David Ring. eToro launched the "Follow the Order" (Copy Trading) feature on its social investment platform. eToro introduced the "Copy Trading" feature on its social investment platform, which attracted a large number of users and traders. In 2010, the number of registered users reached 1.5 million. The amount of money traded on the platform also exceeded $100 billion. As of 2018, it has more than 13 million registered users.At present, the market value of the project has exceeded: 10 billion US dollars, and the annual revenue has exceeded 1 billion US dollars.

But in the decentralized space, along with the growing boom of: NFT Trading, DeFi, Token Swap, there isn't a platform that has yet emerged to support On-chain Copy Trading. Users would also be very eager.

Uniearn.info recognizes this market phenomenon and is committed to creating an innovative set of products and features that will provide all investors with a new way to invest on-chain and help them make smarter, more professional investments or trades that will bring them great returns. It is also the first professional platform in the industry to support On-chain Copy Trading.

How to understand Uniearn.info

What is Uniearn.info?

Uniearn.info is a platform to meet one-stop investment needs, opening up the most complete On-chain behavior analysis for all (supporting NFT, DeFi, Dex and other trading operations behavior), with free Smart Money and Copy Trading as the presentation method, creating the most simple and transparent form of trading and investment. It provides investors with a wide range of asset class trading systems.

Uniearn.info users can follow, check free Smart Money, view top investors' updates, trading data, multi-dimensional list analysis, etc. to discover investment signals, or directly copy multiple top investors' trades and automate order following to form their own exclusive portfolios. It helps Uniearn.info users to become clearer and stronger from the complex and depressed market, discovering wealth while enhancing their ability to interpret data.

Currently, Uniearn.info is in Beta version, supporting free access and following Smart Money trading data, Smart Money movement alerts. The copy trading function will be officially launched in November.

Uniearn.info Breaking the fragmentation

The crypto market is frequently out of the loop and has attracted the attention of a wide range of investors, and the ranks of those who use crypto assets as investment targets are rapidly growing. However, with the increase of investors' trading experience and the repeated market cycles, investors are increasingly inclined to the reference opinions brought by professionals or data platforms. However, there are still many problems in terms of data platforms and followers' platforms at present.

Data platforms: each data platform has its own target areas and the dimensions of the analysis data, investors want to trace the data back to the source is very difficult. On the one hand; to understand the meaning behind each piece of data; on the other hand; to frequently change the platform to verify the true validity of the data in different dimensions. This violates the original intention of ordinary investors who want simple and convenient investments. At the same time, the time information gap, but also let investors miss the investment opportunity, pure data did not bring intuitive investment value for investment.

Traditional single platform: The exchange often to promote the user's trading, the data shown is relatively one-sided and unreal at the same time, the selected single trader is with the exchange has cooperation or from the platform to select traders, can not meet the investor fast platform, multi-track trading. Third-party follow the single platform but generally only have a single vertical following the single function. So much so that it causes each platform and investors to cut off the situation.

The three core functions of Uniearn.info

Uniearn.info is good at linking the originally cut seams closely together through free attention to query Smart Money Account, one-click order following, all-round analysis of on-chain addresses, address variation warning, smart contract wallet system and other trading assistance functions.

1、Smart Money Account Analysis

Smart Money (Note: Smart Money is the capital controlled by institutional investors and professionals or financial institutions. It is the combined power of large amounts of capital and good strategies, through Smart Money you can anticipate market trends and obtain investment signals that are not available to ordinary investors, increasing the leverage for successful investment.) It is divided and sorted by Smart Trader and Smart Miner (more lists are planned to be added).

At the same time, investors can get a very visual overview of the returns of each chain address in different time dimensions. By following Smart Money, you can also get alerts on address movements on the platform and keep track of Smart Money movements. The profit distribution chart also allows us to see very clearly the distribution of the user's profit on each transaction investment.

When an investor enters a Smart Money address page, Uniearn.info analyzes the behavior of the address on the chain in four dimensions: profit distribution, total profit trend, transactions, and distribution of assets held. The visual presentation of assets gives investors a clear understanding of the address' trading attributes, time transactions, and current overall profitability. At the same time, Uniearn.info breaks down the address into transactions and asset holdings. As shown above, investors can understand the attributes of each transaction (Free mint, purchase), buy, sell price, single-asset return, and the breakdown of the project to which the asset belongs, etc. through the history and NFTs (Token section will be opened soon). It provides investors with completely realistic and transparent value data. Through the analysis of this data, users can quickly filter out Samrt Account of their interest.

2、Copy Smart Money Account Trading

Uniearn.info empowers the entire crypto market and also empowers investors. Each user can copy multiple accounts at the same time, and the results of the user's earnings can be copied by other users, and investors copy each other to form a huge decentralized investment network. Ultimately, this network of returns provides thousands of investment options for each user. This will maximize the comparability of Web 3.0.

With the mission to help investors earn the highest amount of income in the most convenient way, we create the industry's first on-chain On-chain Copy Trading (Note: On-chain Copy Trading is a crypto market where individuals can independently choose an on-chain investment address with a proven track record and copy their trades, and investors can profit from their profitable trades. (Profits.) Features.

Copy Trading currently supports the following three main types of scenarios.

1、NFT order following

  • NFT core scenarios based on transactions and Mint cleaning Smart Money

  • Transactions & Mint one-click Copy

2、Token followers (coming soon)

  • Filter mainstream DEX high-yield address

  • Follow KOL, no longer miss MEME / new coins

3、DeFi Followers (coming soon)

  • Filter mainstream protocols with high yield strategies

  • Follow KOL to use the best deposit revenue with one click

It is worth mentioning that Uniearn.info's Copy Trading is a fully automated process.

I believe that you have encountered similar troubles in the past, such as being too busy to keep an eye on the market at all times, missing key trading moments, slow execution, not being able to grab the best points, being tired of trading, and so on. Uniearn.info automated Copy Trading is able to automatically monitor data and execute according to preset conditions. During the whole following process, investors do not need to re-authorize in their wallets and realize a fully automated following.

Uniearn.info Advantages of automated Copy Trading.

(1) Second-level data response, any on-chain behavior occurring at the address followed can be followed within 1-2 seconds. This greatly improves the speed and accuracy of following, breaking the time difference barrier, thus enabling fast completion of trading at the best point to obtain higher returns.

(2) Compared with traditional following platforms, Uniearn.info supports any on-chain behavior and is quickly replicated at scale, no longer vertical to a single field. Any hot spot in the market can be captured at any time and seamlessly connect to the protocol. Realize the plurality and diversity of protocols.

(3) Trades can be executed 100% strictly according to a pre-customized plan, reflecting 100% of the profitability of the trading strategy.

(4) Top investors keep an eye on the market and work for you, saving time and effort.

(5) Avoid emotional trading and ensure trading discipline.

Through top investor investment strategies , they make it easy for all investors to participate in diversified market investments without worrying about the selection and in-depth exploration of projects. This unique feature will be an important requirement for investors to navigate volatile markets.

In Uniearn.info's Copy Trading investors can select multiple on-chain address accounts to build a following strategy, e.g. an address account with high yield Free mint, an address account with 10x profit in the past week, etc. Multi-address following strategies enable one-click diversification of automatic investments and increase trading efficiency. In addition, traders can set their own following parameters in Copy Trading to manage risk more effectively.

Uniearn.info always maintains a fully transparent investment philosophy, where all the following actions are recorded. Investors can see at a glance the profit of each following strategy on their personal page. It is easy for investors to stop profit and loss in time.

At the same time, Uniearn.info welcomes top investors, professional traders, and analysts to join. You can be included in the platform's star list of quality investors after passing a strict review and screening. When someone follows your trades, you will receive a fixed payment for each follower and a lifetime entitlement to the platform's Pass card. The more followers you have, the more additional passive income you will receive.

3, Secure and reliable smart contract wallet (Reference Account Abstraction) to enable a smooth trading experience

In the crypto market, in addition to the investment risk of digital assets for investors, unregulated wallets also have security risks. In recent years, accidents such as asset theft, hacking, private key loss, and single point of failure of private keys have occurred frequently. Once these accidents occur, investors will face huge financial losses.

The smart contract wallet (Reference Account Abstraction), which V-God has been advocating since 2021, can effectively avoid the above accidents by relying on its comparability, programmability, and scalability. Uniearn.info injects it into the whole production process to make the user's trading experience smoother.

Investors are required to create a new wallet - UniWallet - on the platform when logging into Uniearn.info.

UniWallet is a secure and versatile smart contract wallet (Reference Account Abstraction). The smart contract wallet is unique and powerful due to its smart contract functionality, providing users with additional security and recovery features. At the same time, each investor can create a UniWallet based on different investment portfolios, enabling dedicated investments.

Powerful features of UniWallet

(1) Efficient, convenient, and money-saving, you can manage your own UniWallet through any existing wallet without the need for additional custodian private keys/helper notes. After the wallet is created, it can be used for various asset transactions on the platform. Also, support username transfer (Ens) without gas fee.

(2) Prevent authorization accidents from occurring, by invoking multi-signature approval security governance, and automatic security scanning when linking smart contracts to avoid malicious authorization accidents.

(3) Enabling social recovery of wallets, UniWallet separates asset accounts from signatories through an exclusive mechanism. Investors can add a guardian wallet account for their wallets through the mechanism, which cannot operate investor assets and only helps investors recover without private keys when their phones are lost or after their private keys are stolen.

(4) Multiple roles can be authorized to manage wallets. UniWallet sets up different role permissions for managing wallets, and each role wallet owner can limit its permissions and functions. This is very convenient for multiple people to collaborate and manage.

(5) HSM integration reinforces platform role security. Platform role account private key integration HSM service (Hardware Security Module (HSM) and token is a dedicated, hardened, tamper-resistant computing device. It is capable of securely managing, processing, and storing digital keys) for multiple encryption anti-fixation. It ensures that the accounting system is secure and reliable.

The following data is more reliable than following human nature

In the traditional centralized following platform, every transaction is accompanied by human good and evil. In order to achieve more investors to trade, many centralized order-following platforms often recruit single teachers with high rebates, position eating and other behaviors, high earnings data, etc., using the psychology of investors wanting to make quick profits, to lure the king into the jar, to harvest.

When investors use Uniearn.info's Copy Trading, they don't have to worry about the dark side of human nature. Because investors follow not a particular person, but the behavior on the chain, every action will be recorded on the chain, visible to all network participants, and can be queried and audited by anyone at any time. The 100% transparency of data makes Uniearn.info's Copy Trading highly secure, as the data behind the address will confess all the truth to the investor.

Conclusion: Uniearn.info leads investors with data and empowers investment trading with security, convenience, and efficiency. To achieve the vision of creating the best investment portal in Web3.

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