The KingData Global Ambassador Program Needs You!

KingData ·2022-01-07

KingData is excited to announce the launch of the KingData Global Ambassador Program. KingData is a blockchain analysis tool and a project discovery platform where you can find the latest GameFi, NFT and DeFi projects.

Community has been proven to be a pivotal support in the success of any project, and the fundamental objective of the KingData Global Ambassador Program is to build a solid community foundation for KingData, and ignite a global spark empowering DeFi, GameFi and NFT enthusiasts to learn more, grow and prosper.

Introducing the KingData Global Ambassador Program

We are looking for crypto enthusiasts with experience and knowledge about DeFi, GameFi and NFT who are eager to get involved with the KingData team, help the project grow by networking projects and communities to participate and engage actively in KingData’s community groups. 

Who can be a KingData Global Ambassador

Anyone can be. We encourage everyone with passion in crypto to apply. We are looking for:

- DeFi, GameFi and NFT enthusiasts

- Active on social media

- Proactive content creator

- Creative designer

- Influencer or community leader

- Active community member

Roles and Responsibilities of a KingData Global Ambassador

- Social media engagement

- Partner outreach

- Content creation

- Community engagement

- Establishing and growing regional communities

Specifics and more details will be shared later. The team will provide guidance at every stage along with access to relevant resources.


- Early access to the latest DeFi, GameFi and NFT projects

- Working closely with the core team and access to wider crypto communities and different projects

- Personal growth via learning skills, networking, organizing events, leading initiatives and more

- USDT rewards depending on the quality and quantity of work and what you have achieved for KingData

How to get started

Submit an application in the following form:

The most passionate and qualified applicants will be chosen as KingData’s global ambassadors. More specific instructions on tasks and responsibilities will be provided through an on boarding process.

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