2021 ROI TOP20 Institutional Data Overview

KingData ยท2022-01-07

Institutions are a very important decision-making basis for investment. Star investment institutions can add strong endorsements to projects, but star institutions are limited after all. How should non-famous institutions judge? We use ROI data to draw more intuitive conclusions.

1. The distribution of institutional investment on the list is basically gamefi/metauniverse. There are not many celebrity investment institutions, which is logical. After all, Gamefi and Metaverse are still relatively high-risk tracks.
2. Through the three indicators of real-time ROI, ATH retracement rate, and the number of investment projects, it is not difficult to find that the less the retracement, the fewer investment projects, the more it reflects the net value of the institutional investment capacity, and the ROI drawdown It can also reflect the overall quality of the corresponding investment projects
3. Invest in more than 100 projects, and at the same time have a higher ROI drawdown, which is a more scattered blind touch, and the relative net investment capacity is lower
4. The list is full of well-known institutions: Polygon, HashKey, DAO Maker, Avalanche, among which HashKey is relatively bright
5. On the whole, HashKey, Banter Capital, Ascensive Assets, DeFiance Capital, DAO Maker, TK Ventures, OneMax Capital performed the best overall, and obtained higher and more stable ROI with less investment, which is worthy of attention
6. At the same time, institutions with more investment projects and large ROI drawdowns still have a higher absolute value of ROI, but they also indicate risks. You need to pay attention when choosing.

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