Tutorial for Wepiggy

KingData ·2022-05-16

Use Coinhub wallet for swap transactions on Mdex, more than 100u can be used for lucky draw. First, you need to download a coinhub

Create your first decentralized wallet

First-time users of Coinhub, first need to create a new wallet. (Users who already have a wallet can click "Restore Wallet" on the homepage and import the wallet through the mnemonic or private key)

Coinhub official website: https://www.coinhub.org/

Coinhub download link: https://www.coinhub.org/download

Download the Coinhub App

Open https://www.coinhub.org/download and click Download. iOS requires you to have an overseas AppStore account. For tutorials, please refer to the download page for guidance.

一、Enter Wepiggy

1. Enter the Coinhub wallet app, select Discover in the bottom bar, enter WePiggy in the input box at the top bar to enter the official website.

2. Click "Connect Wallet" and select Coinhub to connect.

3.After the wallet is connected, the deposited amount will be deducted from the user's wallet, and the corresponding amount will be added on the My Assets page.

二、Market Overview

三、How to deposit

1. Select the asset to be deposited in the lending market column at the bottom, and enter the deposit/withdrawal page.

Note: Assets other than ETH require an authorization through the wallet to proceed for the first time.

2. Deposit

After entering the amount to be deposited, click the "Submit" button.

3. After the wallet is on the chain, the deposited funds will be deducted from the user's wallet, and the corresponding funds will be added on the My Assets page.

四、How to withdrawal

1. Click the "Deposit/Withdrawal" button in the upper right menu bar to enter the deposit and withdrawal page.

2.Select the currency to be withdrawn, enter the amount to be withdrawn and click "Submit".

3.When broadcast on the chain, this page pops up to indicate that the user has successfully withdrawn money.

4.The corresponding withdrawal amount will be deducted from the deposit amount and the deposit amount in that currency

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