How to Find the Next in Bear Market?

KingData ·2022-06-09

  • The last trending NFT,, is still occupying the discussion on Twitter and the community. How not to miss the next potential blue chip NFT? KingData NFT related indicators will take you to find the wealth code.
  • According to the development life cycle of NFT projects, NFT can be divided into three stages, namely pre-launch, Mint stage, and trade stage. At different stages of development, the wealth code can be captured through KingData's NFT indicator monitoring.
  • Pre-launch
  • Upcoming NFTs List
  • This indicator broadcasts the NFT collectibles that are going to sell the next day in the form of a calendar every day, and delivers the upcoming NFT projects to users.
  • Blue Chip NFTs Monitor
  • We all know that the dynamics of whales will affect or flip the market. Monitoring the dynamics of NFT whales can well determine the trend of the project. This indicator broadcasts blue-chip potential NFTs by monitoring the market attention of new NFTs (such as NFT whale attention, social media followers, etc.), helping NFT players discover the next blue-chip NFT.
  • Track Wealth Code
  • This indicator monitors and broadcasts the potential NFT project GreatGoatsNFT on May 19. On June 6, the price of Public Mint was 2.75 SOL. On June 8, the floor price reached 4.00 SOL, and the floor price increased by 45.45%.
  • Mint Stage
  • Trending Mint NFT Track
  • The current ETH network gas fee is low, and the cost of NFT mint is not high. This indicator monitors trending Mint NFT projects in real time, and broadcasts the top 3 popular Mint NFT projects every hour to help users discover the next popular NFT in the market.
  • Track Wealth Code
  • This indicator and the monitoring broadcast on May 26 reported the top 3 most popular Mint NFTs in the past hour. Among them, Zombie Frens NFT ranked first in the most popular mint. The current floor price of this series of NFTs is 0.004 ETH, an increase of 288.57% in the past 24 hours.
  • Smart Money Mint NFT Track
  • The data of this indicator comes from Nansen, the NFT Paradise function, which broadcasts the mint ranking of NFT smart money in the past 24 hours every day. Pay attention to the trend of NFT smart money, and quickly grasp the next NFT project with high potential and high return.
  • Trade Stage
  • Top 10 ETH NFT Floor Price Tracking + ETH Mid-Marketcap NFT Floor Price Tracking
  • The floor price monitoring indicator monitors the abnormal changes in the floor price of the top 50 NFTs in the ETH chain by market value, helping users discover potential NFTs through abnormal floor prices.
  • The Lastest News about Holding of NFT Whales
  • Changes in the positions of NFT whales often reflect their attitudes towards the corresponding NFT projects. NFT whales generally ambush potential blue-chip NFTs earlier. This indicator mainly monitors the latest developments of blue-chip NFT holders and rare NFT holders labeled by Nansen.
  • Track Wealth Code
  • As early as May 23rd and May 24th, the indicator broadcasted that whales concentrated on buying the series of NFTs. The floor price of this series has risen from 0.475 ETH (May 23rd) to 5.69 ETH (June 8th), an increase of 1097.89%.
  • Track Wealth Code
  • As early as June 2, the indicator reported that whales bought ill poop it nft series NFTs. The floor price of this series has risen from 0.2 ETH (June 2) to 1.66 ETH (June 8), and the floor price has increased by 730 %.
  • Currently, NFT-related indicators are all free indicators. At any stage, KingData NFT-related indicators can be used to discover the next potential blue-chip NFT and capture wealth codes!

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