A giant whale address is suspected to be shorting CRV, which is now quoted at $0.449

Nov 22,2022
KingData News: CRV is now quoted at $0.449, down 10.91% in 24 hours. On-chain analyst Lookonchain posted that a giant whale address borrowed 20 million CRVs (about $9.9 million) from Aave and transferred 10 million of those CRVs (about $4.9 million) to OKX. In the last seven days, the address has lent 37 million CRVs from Aave, while the CRV price has fallen from $0.625 to $0.464. It appears that the address is making a profit by shorting and selling off the borrowed CRVs.
This indicator is used to monitor abnormal fluctuations such as sudden spikes and drops in token and to analyze and interpret them in conjunction with the market.