Latest News About Ronin Bridge Hacks

Mar 30,2022
Axie Infinity:This was a social engineering attack combined with a human error from December 2021. According to KingData Learned, NFT game Axie Infinity co-founder and COO Psycheout tweeted that the internal network is currently undergoing an in-depth forensic review and that the hack was the result of a social engineering attack and human error in December 2021. Axie Infinity is committed to ensuring that all depleted funds are recovered or repaid and is continuing conversations with stakeholders to determine the best course of action.
On March 29, the Ronin bridge and Katana Dex have been halted after suffering an exploit for 173,600 Ethereum (ETH) and 25.5 million USD Coin (USDC), worth a combined $612 million, which is the highest loss in the history of DeFi. This indicator trackes the latest news of Ronin bridge hacks for the first time.