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KingData, as the industry's leading blockchain data analysis platform, analyses a huge amount of projects and information every day. In order to gain trends and potential investment opportunities conveniently , we launch [KingData | Crypto Trends Analysis]. It is a industry trend analysis article, capturing the development of each track wind vane, better focus on potential tracks, detective hot events, and insight into the latest industry trends.

ETH 2.0 LSD - The Wealth Code in a Bear Market The various representative coins of LSD saw another rally today, bringing hope to everyone 🫰 The chart below shows the trading statistics of several representative coins Below you can see our basic analysis based on the data ~👇 - StakeWise has risen the least in the last 30d, its market cap is not too high as seen by Mcap / TVL, and its Staking APR is higher compared to other protocols. If its TVL continues to increase, it is worth watching! (Meanwhile, this Token is not yet on the mainstream CEX) - Rocket Pool is one of the tokens with a higher increase recently and is second only to Lido in terms of locked positions, and because it is more decentralized than Lido, and the token has utility value in the ecosystem (it requires locked positions to become a node). It has become the number one protocol to challenge Lido. - StaFi has a low market cap, and because it is online with Binance, this coin has the largest trading volume / market cap ratio, and because of its excellent liquidity, the market is more prone to large fluctuations, so it is worth paying attention to. 24h is a huge increase! LSD project Token value and TVL are highly correlated, because TVL determines the project's revenue, and the agreement's revenue will be correlated with Token price. In order to better capture the project dynamics, do not miss the wealth code, it is recommended to pay attention to KingData indicators [quality DeFi project TVL volatility monitoring]. At the same time, we will follow up on the fundamentals of the relevant tokens, so you can also continue to pay attention to them. Finally, we will mention two quality projects. frxETH and Stader are not consistent with the statistical dimension of the data, so they are temporarily introduced for this comparison. You can discuss them together in the comment section. You can continue to pay attention to KingData, and will continue to track the relevant product data dynamics.